22 Oct 2013

Live Messenger Emoticons

Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) is an instant messaging program developed by Microsoft. If you use Live Messenger, you can use the emoticon shortcuts below to insert some fun images into your messages. Use emoticons when you're messaging with friends to show them how you really feel.

22 Oct 2013

Twitter Emoticons

Twitter Logo

You can use these text symbols with twitter or any other service you've used. Just copy and paste them where you need. Enjoy!

Here are twitter emoticons:

22 Oct 2013

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook Logo

Below is a list of all Facebook Emoticons. You can choose emoticons, copy their code and use them into Facebook messages, comments and your statuses. With these emoticons you can express your feelings to your friends. When you are happy, in love, sad, with broken heart or show any other feeling which you have at the moment.

22 Oct 2013

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons

Yahoo Logo

We have all yahoo emoticons, visible and hidden. Hidden emoticons means that you won’t find them into the emoticon menu in yahoo messenger. To use them you have to type their secret code. You can find emoticons secret code next to the emoticon image.

Here is hidden yahoo emoticons from 2011.

21 Oct 2013

Hidden Skype Emoticons

Skype Logo

You can't see all emoticons in Skype emoticon menu. There are some hidden emoticons, which you can use by typing their secret code into skype chat. Mostly the secret code is into brackets () - for example if you want to punch someone , you have to type (punch) into skype chat window.


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